Escort in Nisantasi Athena

Welcome to my profile. My name is Athena and I can become the embodiment of all your fantasies. I am a sexy brunet, who has found her calling in the escort service in Istanbul. I have a silky skin, my eyes are shinning on the sun, my long straight hair is waving on the wind and my body is in anticipation of a huge pleasure. Most of all I like reading love stories and watching melodramas. I am always crying, while watching it. I am so sentimental. But I really like a good cinematography with a deep idea.

So, my favorite pictures are old black-and-white films about love and especially I am in love with horrors filmed by Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock. I think that he is the brilliant motion-picture director and his films such as “Shadow of a doubt”, “Psycho”, “Vertigo” and “Suspicion”, “Before the fact”, “The 39 steps”, “Dial M for Murder” are unique in Hollywood. He is an incredible man and looking at his success, I am even more inspired to achieve the new highs in my live and never give up.

I believe that escort in Nisantasi and this beautiful city – Istanbul will assist me in searching sensitive and caring man who can devote me a huge amount of time. I have a difficult character. Sometimes I am romantic and gentle, buy mostly I am in a bad mood and it is hard to make me laugh. I am a woman, who is strong in her beliefs and very emotional towards her family.

I am a faithful and truthful person. I never hesitate to speak what is on my mind if I know that I am right. I am not selfish but I have a good deal of self-respect. I have a lot of friends and they say that I will never find an appropriate not for me but for my character! But I should not despair. Working as an escort girl in Istanbul brings me a lot of joy, and I believe that once I will meet you my ideal man. If you like me and have no doubts about your feelings then just call, I am waiting.

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